Sunna with friend and actor Ólafur Darri Ólafsson in Independent people

Sunna and Darri

Ólafur Darri was a guest on the Icelandic television show Independent people, a show where Icelandic persons that excel in their profession are interviewed. Ólafur Darri just won best actor awards at Eddan (Icelandic Oscars) and is presently working with Hollywood stars like Liam Neeson in the movie A Walk Among the Tombstones and also with Matthew McConaughey  and  Woody Harrelson in the TV series True Detectives. Darri tells Jón Ársæll how he and Sunna became friends, Sunna started to collect pictures of Darri from the newspapers and clued them on a pink cardboard that she wanted to take with her where ever she went. It escalated so that she wanted to have him over for coffee.  Sunna´s father then called Darri and told him that his daughter was a kind of a „stalker“ and that she wanted to invite him over for coffee and pastries. Darri accepted the offer and from that moment they have been friends.
Darri tells about his need to help Sunna this year by dedicating his 40th birthday to her, he is thinking about charging family and friends admission to come to his party;)
He also is determined to run in the Reykjavik Marathon this August for Sunna. Sunna is not confident that Darri will run the marathon but we will see how that goes;)

Here is a clip from the TV show Independent people that shows the wonderful chemistry between them.

Matthew McConaughey