Photos from Reykjavik Marathon 2012

3.410 runners from all over the world took part in the Reykjavik Marathon last Saturday in the most beautiful weather Iceland has to offer. The runners could register for a charity and collect pledges for a good cause.
AHC association of Iceland (AHCAI) had 51 runners this year. Among these runners was Viktor Snær Sigurðsson (12) brother of Sunna Valdis who is the only AHC sufferer in Iceland. Viktor collected pledges in the amount of 13.500 usd, an amazing feat for the 12 year old kid. Not only did he get the highest amount of pledges of the runners that ran for the AHC association but he was the highest of all the runners that signed up to run for a good cause.

Before the marathon
Viktor Snær ready to go
Siggi and Ragga
Support team
Support team Svölurnar
Running with the children
After the 10k

Sunna was waiting at home
Dinner party after the marathon is a must;)