Pictures and videos of Sunna Valdis

Sunna with her babies
At her 4th birthday
She was kept asleep for 4 days in april 2008 in order to manage her episodes
Sunna with Viktor her big brother
Sunna and Ragga
She really likes ice cream
Sunna with her brother Viktor
Sunna and Viktor
Sunna and family
Sunna and family
Sunna with parents

Video of Sunna from May 2010

Power point show from birth until 2010


Video from December 2009:  Sunna learning to sign

Video from December 2010, Sunna talking to her brother and looking at x-mas presents

Sunna Valdis 5 years old

Sunna with nystagmus


Sunna having a good day playing by herself.

Sunna shortfilm from 2009

Sunna on the tramboline in 2012


Sunna Valdis drawing


Sunna Valdis August 2012 painting

Sunna Valdis in an episode October 2012

Introduction to AHC by AHC association of Iceland starring Sunna Valdís

Sunna on Youtube


Sunna is on Facebook, look for Sunna Valdis