6th Symposium ATP1A3 in Disease – Tokyo japan

From the Organising Committee of the 6th Symposium ATP1A3 in Disease:

Our special thanks to the Organising Committee of the 6th Symposium ATP1A3 in Disease, chaired by Dr Masayuki Sasaki, for making the 2017 annual meeting a great success. The Tokyo event was attended by over 107 people and included some excellent presentations with new research and unpublished data. Thanks very much for all contributions!

We are also very pleased to announce that the next Symposium on ATP1A3 in Disease will take place at the Northwestern University Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois USA on October 13th and 14th (Saturday to Sunday) 2018.

The Organising Committee includes Allison Brashear, MD (Wake Forest Medical Center), Al George, MD (Northwestern University Medical Center), Kevin Ess, MD, PhD (Vanderbilt University Medical Center), and the AHC Foundation.

Kind regards.
The ATP1A3 in Disease Symposia Standing Committee
email: 6th.symp.atp1a3@gmail.com