AHC premier weekend in The Nederlands 24-25 June

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24th of June there will be a special screening of Human Timebombs at the Theater De Fransche School in Culemborg made possible by De AHC Vereniging Nederland


Invited are parents of AHC patients, professionals and close relatives.
Special guests are Sigurdur Hólmar Johannesson and Ragnheidur Erla Hjaltadóttir from Iceland. They are parents of Sunna Valdis who is the lead character in the documentary.
After the screening there will be time for questions.


On Saturday, June 25th, the documentary will be screened again both in the afternoon and in the evening for anyone interested.
Admission is free. Of course, a donation is highly appreciated for example through the donation box or by buying homemade fun items that will be offered.

Agusta Fanney 1

Filmmaker Agusta Fanney Snorradóttir, graduated from the Collage of the Canyons in California (USA), has worked on several projects in the US and Iceland. She had already made two short videos about AHC and led this project.

Sunna Valdís Sigurðardótir, Ragnheiður Erla Hjaltadóttir, Sigurður Hólm Jóhannesson,
Sigurdur Holmar Jóhannesson

Sigurður Holmar Jóhannesson, President of the Icelandic AHC Association and president of the European AHC Federation has worked on behalf of the AHC community to the project.

Sigurdur is in everyday life an Air Traffic Controller and father of Sunna Valdis. Sigurður participates in various committees and working groups on behalf of the AHC community and has worked on this project as a producer.


Ólafur Darri Ólafsson lends his voice as a narrator in the film. Ólafur Darri is Iceland´s best known actor and a good friend of Sunna Valdis.