Reaching Camp IV

Reaching Camp IV

Camp IV

For the AHC community many positive things have happened this year, still we don´t have effective treatment for our AHC champions but that does not mean we are going to surrender because the word surrender is not in our dictionary.

For 2016 we have to try even harder to get closer to the core of the disorder and make funding available to researchers.
There are several ways to make this happen but I think the best way is to visit the pharmaceutical companies personally and get them on board the AHC train.

Although in 2015 we have seen more awareness and more people raising money for AHC, more awareness videos made available and more parents opening their lives to the public which is not easy at all but we still have a stretch to go….

I would estimate that less than 1% of the world population has heard of AHC and way too few neurologists and healthcare workers have knowledge of AHC.

This has to change and it has to change quickly.

This is where Human Timebombs, the AHC documentary, comes in and the AHC International Media where you can watch videos that explain the condition to professionals and the general public.

Pictures say more than a thousand words.

By the end of the year we landed our first television contract for Human Timebombs and Agusta Fanney Snorradottir, director, got the first recognition from Accolade film festival for Best woman filmmaker, . These are very good news and pave the way for greater accomplishments.

In 2016 it will be our mission to distribute Human Timebombs internationally and raise awareness so that AHC gets the attention it needs and deserves to take the next steps towards effective treatment.

Although 2015 has been an adventure not all adventures have a happy ending because so many of our AHC champions have had a very tough year and will continue to struggle until we find the silver bullet.

This year we still need more people to step up and do the necessary work if we are going to reach camp IV, which is the last camp before the summit

I want to thank everyone that has contributed to AHC in any way shape or form for their effort and wish you all


Sigurdur Holmar Johannesson

President AHC Association of Iceland

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