Human Timebombs Charity event




5.12.15 @1700


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In 2012 researchers made a scientific breakthrough when they discovered the cause of AHC. Scientists state that they will be able to find a treatment if they get enough funding.

Now there is a life and death race against the clock to find a cure. Pharmaceutical companies have not been willing to participate in the research because of the rarity of AHC.

AHC has the symptoms of all other neurological disorders and the episodes are terrible to say the least. If a cure is found then it will help millions of other people all over the world that have other neurological disorders.

In the film we get to know a young girl from Reykjavik, Sunna Valdis, who is the only diagnosed AHC patient in Iceland. We see her family struggling to expedite research now that possible treatment may be found in the near future.

We get an insight into why the parent associations all over the world have joined together in an alliance and will never give up the fight against this deadly disorder despite many obstacles.

Viewer discretion is advised

Director: Agusta Fanney Snorradottir
Script: Agusta Fanney Snorradottir
Producer: Sigurdur Holmar Johannesson