Pippa´s wish is to help her friend Sunna

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Tamara Comerford has made a GoFundMe page in order to get donations so that the AHC Documentary „Human Timebombs“ can get distributed all over the world with translations.

That way we may be able to find the undiagnosed AHC kids and also get more scientists interested in finding a treatment for this terrible disorder.


Human Timebombs was previewed at a ATP1A3 symposium in Bethesda, MA last week and got very good reviews.

Here is one review:

„I just saw a documentary about AHC. I confess that I burst into tears. 
As a dad, I felt the pain of children and the powerlessness of their parents. 
But the documentary is much more than suffering. It is also a powerful message of hope! “ 

Please help us get funding so that this documentary can get released as soon as possible.