Pippa meets Sunna for the first time

Sunna and Pippa
Sunna and Pippa

Meeting Sunna
More than a year ago, I came across the story of Sunna, a little girl in Iceland with who has AHC, Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood. She fell in love with a man’s face and that man happened to be an actor named Ólafur Darri Ólafsson. She had never seen any of his movies, but she loved his face. Her mom and dad cut out his photos and put them on a big collage that they had to take with them everywhere! One day, although Sunna could not speak, she let her parents know very clearly that she wanted him at their house. Her dad got him there, and now they are fast friends and Ólafur is, with Sunna, the face of AHC in Iceland. You can see them both on the page header for the AHC Association of Iceland. I was touched by this story of this special little girl because she reminded me of another certain special girl who loves some Icelandic guys.

Reh m sunnu

Today we got the girls together at Sunna’s home, where her family so kindly had us over for coffee and cake. Sunna’s older brother is the same age as our Corbin and they have similar interests. They went down to the „teen crib“ to play video games (thus giving Corbin some relief from his game withdrawal!). Pippa was instantly drawn to Sunna, and soon Sunna was feeding Pippa and helping with her drink. We adults were all teary watching them together and watching Sunna play caretaker to Pip. It really was off the charts on the sweet-o-meter!

Megan Alethea Brown Hull (Pippa´s mom)

Megan og Johannesson


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