Pippa´s wish is coming true


Pippa is an amazing 7 year old girl with Lennox-Gastraut syndrome and her wish is to go to Iceland and see her favourite band, Sigurrós.


Her family started a crowd funding page on Gofundme to try to raise 25.000 usd. The page went viral in Iceland and many people chipped in. To make a long story short they were successful 😉
Sunna was one of the supporters and she really wants to meet Pippa. She has been following her Facebook page with a lot of interest.
SIGURRÓSS even supported her wish by contributing 5000 usd and have also agreed to meet Pippa when she goes to Iceland.
This is such a wonderful story and we will be following her progress.



Here are some of the thank you notes that were posted on the page.

4. Sunna Valdís Sigurðardóttir. Sunna, we are sure happy that you want to meet Pippa! We know the two of you are going to be fast friends! Wish makers, Sunna has a very rare disease called Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood and her parents run a website dedicated to finding the cure. Please visit and help if you can: www.ahc.is. 

5. The Sigur Rós’ Management Team. Pippa’s “boys” were a huge part of her wish and we knew meeting them would truly be a wish-come-true for her. But we were not sure if “regular folk” like us would be able to pull it off. When Grandfather Bart Brown emailed the management team, he had hoped that a short meeting would be able to happen for Pippa. Your team INSTANTLY said you could make it happen. Thank you so very much for saying yes and for giving us motivation to make sure this meeting would happen for the fierce Pippa. You guys rock in every way!