AHC fundraisers and awareness to new heights

6 years ago you could hardly find an article on Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood and you could certainly not find videos or educational material on the condition.
Today however awareness is reaching new heights where you can find a lot of videos on YOUTUBE about AHC. You can find many articles and educational material.

Also the parents and friends all over the world are raising funds to expedite research.

Here are a few samples of events that these amazing parents and friends are doing worldwide

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Screenshot 2014-09-25 14.33.05




Screenshot 2014-09-25 14.34.42


Screenshot 2014-09-25 14.35.06


Screenshot 2014-09-25 14.35.38


Jeans for Genes


Hope for Connor


AHC golf





Screenshot 2014-09-25 14.27.30


We hope to continue to raise awareness and funds so that we will find a cure for AHC