Paul and Rene Hodes, of Shrub Oak, hope raising awareness of AHC will help find cure

Lisa Hodes

This Friday marks „Rare Disease Day,“ a day designed for victims of little-known diseases to highlight their struggles with the public.

Paul and Renee Hodes, of Shrub Oak, hope that raising awareness to their daughter’s neurological disease can help find a cure.
Lisa Hodes suffers from a genetic defect called alternating hemiplegia of childhood, or AHC.

Doctors say AHC only affects about 300 people in the U.S.
Lisa and her family say the only way they are going to find a cure is if more people get educated about the disease.
„If you do nothing, you get nothing, and we’re just trying to help our children, and that’s the way I know how,“ says Paul Hodes.

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