Dale Campos diagnosed with AHC publishes his first children´s book

Dale Campos

Dale Campos had a brainstorm about animals that can talk like humans. He created characters and a story line that became „Digger’s Adventures: Friends“, his first children’s book. Dale’s book teaches kids about never giving up on their goals, cherishing all kinds of friends, and nurturing family values.

K. Dale Campos (just „Dale“ to his friends) graduated from Sonora High School in 1997. Dale is a volunteer Teacher’s Aide and Yard Duty Supervisor at Twain Harte School, the Director of The Danny Campos Scholarship Fund, and now, a first-time children’s book author. Dale does not let Alternating Hemiplegia stand in the way of pursuing his dreams.

Digger’s Adventures: Friends features animals who are brought to life as they talk with each other and teach us about the values of friendship, getting along with each other, and family life.
First-time author K. Dale Campos hopes his book reaches a lot of people, sharing his message of the importance of friends and family. The lead character in the book is Digger the dog, based on Dale’s real-life dog that gave him love and was always there for him as a child. This book honors Digger, whom Dale considered a Best Friend when he was younger. Illustrations (by Michael Hendee) are colorful, lively, and cartoon-style, appealing to a wide range of young children, including those with reading levels approximately 1st through 3rd grade.

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