Anonymous donation in the amount of $169,000 to forward research on AHC

The Board of Directors of the Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood Foundation is pleased to announce that the foundation recently received an anonymous donation in the amount of $169,000 to be used toward AHC research. The incredible generosity of this individual is greatly appreciated for the positive affect this donation will have on AHC research and for the numerous ways it will inspire AHC families worldwide. We are grateful for being trusted with such an honor and responsibility.
The Board of Directors is also proud to announce that because of the successful fundraising efforts of the last fiscal year, there is an additional $250,000 available to the foundation. An incredible achievement!
By combining the amazing generosity of this major donor with the successful fundraising efforts of the AHCF; this year, we are proud to make an investment of $419,000 in the advancement of AHC!
This impressive achievement is an important first step in our efforts to find a treatment for AHC. It will take a lot more work and a lot more money to finance the researchers working on treatment options for all AHC patients. With only 10% of our families participating in fundraising activities, we hope many more will help raise money this year and make a treatment a reality. Can you imagine what we could fund if 30%…50%…75%…100% participated!!!
After winning the $250,000 Pepsi Challenge Grant in 2010 and witnessing the phenomenal camaraderie of the AHC community, we are confident that we will come together once again to raise the money needed to find a treatment for AHC.
We look forward to working together to achieve our mission and find that treatment!

To read the news about this donation on CNBC click HERE