The inauguration of SUNNA´S GROVE

This morning the inauguration of a grove in Lundarskogi, Reykjavik took place. The grove is situated in a park in the middle of Reykjavik city close to the special school Klettaskoli where Sunna Valdis Sigurdardottir studies. Sunna Valdis and family gave the city and the school 3 benches with tables and Sunna´s uncle, Björgvin Holm carved the signs stating the name of the school (Klettaskoli) and the name of the grove, Sunnulundur (Sunna´s grove)

Erla Gunnarsdottir, principal of Klettaskóli with a student

The grove will be used by the students of the school to study the nature and to be able to study outside when the weather is nice.
Sunna Valdis and Erla Gunnarsdóttir, principal of Klettaskóli performed the inauguration of the grove.
A special song was created by Ólafur B. Ólafsson, music teacher, about Sunna´s grove and everyone sang it together at the event and Ólafur played the harmonica.

Ólafur with the harmonica

Finally there was a barbeque sponsored by the AHC association of Iceland.
The event was amazing and everyone had a very good time. Sunna´s grove will be a very special place to visit in the future where everyone can enjoy the nature and relax in the middle on the city.

More pictures from the inauguration can be found HERE



The revealing of the signs

Soooo much fun
Grandma Bibi served the hot dogs
Singing the song about Sunna´s grove
Sunna with her parents
Sunna Valdis