Ellen Degeneres

Ágústa Fanney who made the introduction video on our homepage www.ahc.is went on the Ellen show on the 24th of January. Before the show began Ágústa Fanney presented a gift to Ellen which contained a dvd with our video and a gift card to Ellen.

Ágústa Fanney with the dvd

Here is the letter to Ellen:

Dear Ellen,
Please help us raise awareness on this extremely rare disease, AHC, so that we can find a cure for our children. At the pace we are going we could perhaps see a drug in 20 years. With your input we could cut that wait down by at least half if not more…
Our children are fighting the clock to stand a chance at some kind of a „normal“ life.
Please look at this 3 minute video, it would mean the world to us.
Thank you so much;)


We hope that Ellen looks at the video and that it touches her big heart.

The gift