Charity market by Svölurnar in support of Sunna Valdis

Charity market by Svölurnar in support of Sunna Valdis at Hotel Reykjavik Natura Saturday 17th November

The charity market was well received by many hundreds of kindhearted people that showed up to do a bargain and also to support Sunna Valdís. Svölurnar had been receiving clothes and toys from people all week at the Hotel where they sorted them out, cleaned and tagged.

The president of Svölurnar Greta Önundardottir along with Sigurdur H. Johannesson, president of AHCAI went to 4 interviews at radio stations, 3 newspaper interviews and also interviews on some internet mediums to advertise the event and to raise awareness of the charity group and Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood. HERE you can see an interview with Greta and Ragga, Sunna´s mom in a special news program.  Ragga tells the story of Sunna and how everyday life with this rare disease is like.  Greta tells about the charity market, what will be offered and how they will support Sunna Valdis with the proceeds of the market.

Greta with Sunna

The kids got candy and juice and got to watch movies in the cinema while the parents shopped in the conference hall which had been beautifully decodated for the occation.  Sunna Valdís showed off her artwork in the conference hall.

Sunna´s artwork
Viktor giving away treats

For entertainment there was the magical Einar Mikael, the wonderful singer, Hafdís Huld, and the fantastic The Icelandair flight attendant choir

Einar Mikael „the magician“ in the middle

Thank you to:
Svölurnar, Reykjavik Natura, Icelandair Saga club, Hafdís Huld, Flugfreyjukórinn, Einar Mikael, Ölgerðin, Byko, Hreinir Garðar and Góa and to everyone that contributed to make this charity market so successful.

Hafdís Huld


The flight attendant choir


Matthildur came to explore the market