35 years searching for someone who could cure my daughter


When Monica was 2 years old she still hadn’t fully closed membranes and at the Gaslini Hospital in Genoa they said she had a tumor. At Cesena they cured her with calcium and finally she was able to walk, then they made us wait, convinced that the epilepsy attacks would perhaps vanish but they didn’t. The attempts to cure it knocked her out and she had difficulty learning because the crises of total paralysis, which lasted 2/3 days and made her forget what she had learned that far, so she went to school until ninth grade but had only learned to read short words and couldn’t count. When she was 35 years old, we got a diagnosis and a treatment from professor Renzo Guerrini of the Maier Hospital in Florence. Now we are waiting for the DNA test that will confirm or not the ATP1A3 in order to continue the treatment

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