Reykjavik Marathon – What a wonderful day

13.410 runners from all over the world took part in the Reykjavik Marathon last Saturday in the most beautiful weather Iceland has to offer. The runners could register for a charity and collect pledges for a good cause.
AHC association of Iceland (AHCAI) had 51 runners this year. Among these runners was Viktor Snær Sigurðsson (12) brother of Sunna Valdis who is the only AHC sufferer in Iceland. Viktor collected pledges in the amount of 13.500 usd, an amazing feat for the 12 year old kid. Not only did he get the highest amount of pledges of the runners that ran for the AHC association but he was the highest of all the runners that signed up to run for a good cause.
The charity group Svölurnar had a great deal to do with Viktor´s success, they contributed 4.200 usd. Svölurnar also helped the AHCAI by raising awareness on AHC and our association and also by cheering the runners in the marathon.
Many people helped make this day a huge success and it was heartwarming to see all our friends, family,co-workers, small companies and strangers give money so that our daughter Sunna Valdis can some day get a cure that will stop the episodes that she and her fellow AHC sufferers have to endure every day.
Sunna´s friend, Guðbjörg (10) walked from house to house trying to collect money to help Sunna. She collected 30usd that she pledged to Viktor to run 10k. Stories like that make me fell all warm inside and bring tears to my eyes.
Our runners collected an astounding 19.000 usd for our association and for Sunna. We thank them and all the good people that pledged from the bottom of our hearts.
Sigurdur H. Jóhannesson
President of AHCAI

Our 10k runners
Viktor Snær
Sunna with her family