The Vaccines support the AHC association of Iceland


The British rock band The Vaccines made a generous donation to the AHC association of Iceland recently.
The Vaccines which has the Icelandic bass guitar player Árni Hjörvar was recently nominated to the Brit awards in thYe category of “Best breakthrough act”

Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood is an orphan disease.


Orphan disease is a disease which has not been „adopted“ by the pharmaceutical industry because it provides little financial incentive for the private sector to make and market new medications to treat or prevent it.
The AHC community is on a verge of a breakthrough to find a cure for the AHC patients but desperately needs funding for the ongoing research.

Sunna Valdis, the only AHC patient in Iceland

On 29th of February a campaign was lunched to find 1 million persons to give 1 US dollar (or more) in support of the AHC foundation.

For more information and to donate to the foundation click HERE

The Vaccines